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Children Kids Chair Feeding Chair Camping Beach Lawn Outdoor Indoor Zero Gravity Folding Lounge Outside Patio Portable Foldable


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    Joystar Camping Chair Practical Beach Chair For Kids & Children

    Joystar Camping Chair Practical Beach Chair

    Outdoor enthusiasts, who live even the smallest opportunity they have vacation in mode, don’t leave the Joystar camping chair practical beach chair red model. The folding chair model, which can adapt to changing terrain conditions, gets admirable comments from users with its light form suitable for transportation. The handy camping accessory can be easily carried in a backpack, car, motorcycle or bicycle. The beach chair that add comfort to the passion and of pleasure nature.

    Patented Design 

    Quick and Practical Installation

    ‌ The folding camping chair is presente. There are rope holes on both sides of the carrying case, and hanging holes for hanging it somewhere with the carabiner on it.
    The camping chair, which has quite small dimensions with its folded or closed form, can easily fit into a small backpack.  Ready to install, metal frame consisting of round shaped rods and chair fabric that draws the attention with its robust weaving.
    The quality chair fabric that coincides the with back and upper leg sides is made of mesh, while the other parts are made of plain fabric. This structure gives the chair fabric a breathable feature.
    Drawing attention with its patented design, Joystar practical camping accessory is appreciated for its fast and practical installation.
    Folding Beach Chair with Featured Comfortable Seating Capacity

    Along with the reinforcing iron that increases the carrying capacity, the practical chair model shows a total weight bearing capacity of 90 kg.
    The mesh fabric camping chair offers a comfortable seating quality with its flat seating area.
    When the Joystar beach chair, designed in a minimalist style, is completed with a small folding camping table, a functional camping table / chair set obtained.
    The beach chair which takes up very little space in its folded form, offers suitable for use vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles where luggage volume is limited.
    The folding beach chair can also be carried by attaching it to the backpack the with help of a carabiner through. There are plastic shoes at the feet of the metal frame that comes out of the product bag folded in form. Folded metal legs need to be pulled one by one for installation and fixed. After the legs are fixed by pulling, the of plastic shoes metal frame are left on the floor in a balanced way. After this process, the chair bag is held by the rope holes on both sides and attached to the front of two bars the metal frame. Then the pockets on all four sides of the chair fabric are attached to the metal frame bars with the mesh upwards. The Joystar practical camping chair becomes ready for use with its completed installation after this process.

    Anti-Stain Mesh Braided Fabric and Sturdy Metal Frame

    The collection of comfortable and practical camping accessories is as as easy and quick installation. The metal frame of functional camping chair, which is folded into one piece, is placed inside chair fabric that is folded in half lengthwise. The metal skeleton is rolled together with the fabric and rolled up, it is ready to wait until the next use. Hand washing is recommended for cleaning the Joystar beach chair model. The stain-proof mesh fabric dries quickly after washing. Camping chairs, one of the practical comfort providers in nature, contribute to your pleasant moments with their presence.

    Your Kids will love it!

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