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Camping Beach Lawn Outdoor Zero Gravity Folding Lounge Outside Patio Butterfly Portable Foldable Directors Hunting Fishing Chair

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     Joystar Folding Camping Beach and Fishing Chair

    Joystar Folding Camping Beach and Fishing Chair is an item that you can take with you in many outdoor activities thanks to its easy portability. In addition to areas such as picnics and beaches, it is also suitable for garden, terrace and balcony use. You can choose the product that best suits your style with green, dark blue and red color options. The chair has a very simple and comfortable appearance. You can take it with your tent in the camping areas and enjoy the comfort regardless of the place.
    What are the Usage Advantages of Joystar Folding Camping Beach and Fishing Chair?
    • Offering the highest quality products to its customers in this field for years, Joystar aims to meet simplicity and comfort at the highest point in beach and camping chairs. It is a leading brand in this sector with the durable materials used in the production of outdoor activity items.
    • The camping and fishing chair, which stands out due to its lightness due to its materials, can easily be carried inside in cold and rainy weather and can be taken out easily in nice sunny weather.
    • In addition to its portable feature, its striking colors allow them to match the forest areas individually.
    • Care has been taken to ensure that the chair is ergonomic before the production phase. Since the materials used in the product are first quality, they are produced in a friendly way to the environment and human health.
    • When the summer season starts, those who want to escape to the summer houses or relax by fishing by the lake can easily choose the Joystar Folding Camping Beach chair.
    • Since it is a foldable chair, if you want to move the product inside the house, you do not occupy space and save space. In this way, you can put it in the trunk of your vehicle and take it to various outdoor areas.
    Important Details of Joystar Folding Camping Beach and Fishing Chair
    • The seating area of ​​the product is 53 cm x 53 cm and its height when installed is 85 cm. It provides ease of transportation because of its medium size.
    • The weight of the folding chair is 4.5 kg. It can also be easily carried by hand.
    • The chair, whose legs and body are produced using 16 x 0.8 mm thick steel, can be used for many years. The steel frame offers maximum resistance to abrasion, abrasion and wear.
    • The folding camping chair can be used up to high weights without breaking with its metal frame. The high bearing capacity of the folding chairs is based on the use of durable PVC fabric. In addition to being resistant to water and moisture-repellant, PVC fabric is resistant to external influences such as abrasion, fading and puncture as it is a very durable fabric type.
    • The fabric part of the product is connected to the metal skeleton in the form of a bond model from different angles. Support fabrics in the back area provide ease of sitting for those who have sitting disorder or back pain. It was developed with an ergonomic perspective. In addition to the use of balconies and gardens, it is also suitable for use in beach and picnic areas thanks to its easy folding and carrying.
    Joystar Folding Camping Beach and Fishing Chair Usage Recommendations and Box Content
    • There is a foldable beach, a fishing chair and a carrying bag in the product box. The product does not require installation. After removing it from the parcel, you need to open the chair. The chair provides comfort in all respects, as it can be set up even with one hand. The carrying bag that comes with the product ensures that it is protected against external influences.
    • Metal parts of the folding chair are suitable for cleaning with a wet or dry cloth. The metal frame of the product does not stain; The stains on the fabric parts can be removed by rubbing with a wet cloth.
    • Take care not to exceed the maximum carrying capacity of the folding chair. Since PVC fabric is used in the product, be careful not to let it come close to fire.
    • Before opening the product box, check it against the possibility of damaged or missing material.
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