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4pcs Kids Baseball Toys Set Plastic Soft Baseball Sport Children Bat Gloves Ball Set Kids School Game Playing Baseball Set

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    4pc Children’s Baseball Set Sports Toys Indoor Parent-child Leisure Sports


    Do you have such an annoyance-children’s toys are always thrown away once they play!
    Children’s Baseball Set Sports Toys!
    Play both indoors and outdoors.
    You can exercise, you can play with two or three people, and improve the relationship between your family or friends.
    The ball is printed with cute cartoon patterns and the colors are bright, attracting children’s attention.
    Comfortable handle: The smooth and burr-free handle design better protects children’s small hands.
    Pull-resistant outer protection: Don’t worry about children’s tearing, they can play for a long time.
    Magic sticking: The magic sticking design of the glove can better catch the baseball.
    Baseball: Baseball is designed with a soft sponge, so don’t worry about hurting your baby.
    Material: ABS, plastic, sponge
    Size: stick: 47x6cm; ball: 7.5×7.5cm; ball sleeve: 20x7cm
    The package contains:
    1 set of indoor baseball (1 bat, 2 balls, 1 ball set)

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