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1PCS Outdoor Ethnic Wind Automatic Inflatable Pillow Suitable For Travel Camping Hiking Riding Fishing Portable Air Cushion

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    Easy to use: automatic inflation, open the lid to automatically inject air, unlike the general inflatable pillow, automatic inflation system, very convenient to use

    Multi-purpose: inflatable pillows for outdoor camping, outings, planes, office lunch breaks

    High-quality material: the inner core is made of sponge, which makes the inflation speed fast and fluffy.

    Protect the cervical vertebra: comfortable and soft, effectively support the cervical vertebrae, maintain the cervical vertebrae without pressure, improve sleep quality

    Light and convenient: light storage, small size and easy to carry

    Excellent effect: a comfortable thickness of about 10.5cm, which is very good for separating the cold air and moisture from the ground.


    Name: National wind automatic inflatable pillow

    Weight: 0.25kg

    Size: 46cmx30cmx10cm

    Storage size: 17cmx13cm

    Material: high resilience sponge, ethnic wind cloth

    Color: navy blue stripes, orange stripes, red and yellow prints, gray and blue prints


    A inflation method:

    1. Open the air nozzle so that the outside air can go in.

    2, open the gas nozzle, and arrange the state of the inflatable pillow

    3. After filling the air of the inflatable pillow, immediately screw the air nozzle to prevent the air from slipping out.

    4, after filling with gas, it becomes a comfortable pillow.

    B storage method

    1. Open the gas nozzle and let the gas out.

    2, press the inflatable pillow hard, let the air inside run out

    3. After the air is released, screw the nozzle to prevent the gas from entering, and then roll the inflatable pillow.

    4. Tied the rolled inflatable pillow with the strap and put it into the storage bag.

    Package Included:

    1* automatic inflatable pillow

    1* storage bag


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