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Kids picnic games are essential when you want to relax and digest your food - or finish up the wine and cheese!

They need to digest their food too before rushing around, so printable games, such as this one, from my friends at Python Printable Games Games, are ideal.

For only $6.95 you can print out as many copies as you like:

Picnic Games: Mad Libs Song For Kids

Of course, children really like to run around and let off steam. So, either before eating, or once their food has been digested, let them use up some energy on a treasure or scavenger hunt.

Just like you did all those years ago, your kids will have lots of fun and laughter with a racket ball game. and it helps their co-ordination too.

Another great game, over 200 years old, which children can play with either just one partner or multiple teams is Hopscotch.

picnic games

Obviously if you have a skipping rope, brightly-coloured hula hoops, balls of all sizes and other outdoor toys and games, which are easily transported, take them on the picnic too.

Tug of War

tug of war

A long skipping rope can also be used for Tug of War. Two teams pull one end of the rope each, until one team is pulled over the line. Divide the teams up fairly with a mixture of big and little people in each team.

Races are great kids picnic games:

An Egg and Spoon race (do this before you eat the hard-boiled eggs!) is easy to understand and always great fun. It can be organized even with only two kids.

If you have a variety of ages, give the smaller children bigger spoons to carry their eggs on.


The good old-fashioned three-legged race is another game to get everybody laughing. Pair up and tie inside legs together with a scarf or ribbon.

Match up the kids according to height. The grown-ups can take part too and the kids will probably beat them, which they love!

No wheelbarrows are needed for the wheelbarrow race! One child stands on his/her hands, while a friend holds their feet as if pushing a wheelbarrow. The first child then "races" on his hands while the friend helps to balance him/her without pushing him over!

Another race to cause laughter is the sack race.

Water games:

Kids love playing with water and some of the best picnics for them will be by the sea, lake or swimming pool. Think about kids picnic games which incorporate water and they will be happy!

If you have a water pistol, they can play Blind Shooter.

  • To start, place stones or posts in four corners so that you have a well-defined space for them to run around.
  • Next, choose one child to have the water pistol and the others must stand inside the marked space.
  • Then blindfold the shooter and spin him or her around a good few times.
  • Lead the blind shooter into the middle of the square and announce, "begin shooting." The shooter will begin shooting the water pistol, and whoever gets hit is out of the game.
  • The players can move around as much as they like within the square, but they can't touch the shooter.
  • When there is only one person left in the square, he/she is the winner.

On a very warm day, as well as structured kids picnic games, let them let off steam by throwing water bombs at each other! Make sure they’re in their swimming gear or you have a set of spare clothes with you for each child!


All the children except one stand in a line, well spaced out.  They lean over and put their hands on their knees. 

The one remaining leaps over their backs, one after the other and then leans down himself at the end of the line.  Then the child at the back of the line stands up and leaps over all the others ...

and so on, until everyone is exhausted!

Taste Test

Make-up small samples of different foods.  Blindfold the kids and have them taste the samples.  Let them describe the taste and texture and then guess what the food is.  It helps children to think about their senses and how we use them.

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