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Small childrens picnic games should not pose too much of a problem because, when they are under 6, they just love being active and running around to their hearts' content.

Kids activities to you  =  adventures to them!

To let them run around as much as they want, choose a location where there is plenty of room to let off steam!

The difficult part is making sure you keep a close eye on them!

A simple summer pleasure is blowing the "clocks" off dandelions.

Teach them how to blow the downy white seed ball and see if they can scatter the fluff in one puff. Folklore says that if you make a wish when blowing, your wish will come true!

Toddlers are enchanted by bubbles, so it’s a good idea to take a few bubble kits on the picnic. You can blow for them and let them try and catch the bubbles.

To make your own bubble solution mix 500 ml of water with 125 ml of washing-up liquid and 175 ml of glycerine (buy at chemists). Glycerine makes the bubbles bigger and longer lasting.

Add different scent extracts to make scented bubbles - orange, vanilla, mint, lemon or almond. Help your children guess the scent in each pot.

Nursery rhyme games like Ring-o’-Roses and Three Blind Mice are always popular and small children will always have fun playing Chase or Follow My Leader.

Face painting is also amusing for little ones – remember to add a mirror as well as the face paints to your picnic list.

Or take a few things from the dressing-up box and let them play make-believe. With a few scarves, shoes, hats and costume jewellery, they can transform themselves!

story time

After a spell of energetic games, sit them down on the blanket and read them some stories.


If the little ones need an afternoon sleep, they should be well protected from the sun – and warm enough if it’s chilly.

A play-tent or “den” made out of material draped over sticks or a couple of umbrellas/sunshades can provide shelter as well as fun for them.

Not really a game, but a Teddy Bear’s Picnic is of course a classic way to entertain both toddlers and bears! Let them feed their bears with milk and biscuits.

You can also make a game out of part of the menu, by hiding items such as carefully wrapped pieces of fruit, marshmallows, or sweets around the picnic area and letting them play hunt for dessert!

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