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Whether you're a newbie or a veteran picnicker,  Hello and welcome.  Let's turn an ordinary day into something special!

Candi Randolph, webmaster of The Picnic SiteHi, I'm Candi Randolph

Let me help you escape from the kitchen table and eat outside in the fresh air.   Have fun with friends and family al fresco. You can see me here enjoying a casual picnic at Bowditch Point Park in Ft Myers Beach, FL, a wonderful venue for both picnic time and ocean time!

You'll find plenty of picnic ideas and inspiration here. Discover food options, recipes, themes and games to enjoy outdoors.

I recommend supplies and must-haves, as well as suggesting all sorts of outdoor meals.  You can choose from a comprehensive  collection of  recipes.   Finds lots of fun outdoor games for the whole family and offer tips and ideas to help you make the event more memorable.

So, please, come on in, browse through the site and get ready to have a special day.

The meal...oh so important!

I have to admit that it is convenient to buy ready-made food these days. Often it is SO convenient that we overlook how easy it is to prepare food ourselves.   As a rule, the home-made version is also healthier, tastier and cheaper.

Al fresco meals have to get to wherever you're going!   And you want them to arrive intact and looking scrumptious.   All the recipes in this site help you do just that.

Whether you intend to

  • Prepare one simple home-made dish to complement your supermarket buys, 
  • Rustle up  a platter of easily prepared edibles, without much actual cooking, 
  • Or cook a whole home-made spread from scratch  . . . .

 . . . follow my how-tos and you will love the results.

What, where, with whom?

father and daughter picnic

Of course the word "picnic" can mean so many different things, with so many picnic ideas to ponder and decide upon.

'FOOD, FUN and FRIENDS' is the best description.   Yet it can also involve you in a multitude of different choices:

  • Lightweight backpack, over-flowing hamper, or a mix of coolers, bags and baskets?

  • Tree-lined meadow with the scent of wild flowers?  Windy sea-shore?  Manicured lawn? Leafy haven in the middle of town?  Rocky hillside?  The list is endless.

  • Exhilarating cross-country ramble with friends? Children splashing and building sandcastles on the beach?  Energetic games or a treasure hunt? Or a quiet snooze on a blanket shared with a loved one?  

It is a delightful way to spend time, whatever you choose.  Share tasty food and good company in the great outdoors.

What Type of picnic are you planning?

Picnic Ideas for that special time!

Whatever the occasion, eating outdoors makes the food itself that much more memorable.

It can be impromptu, a means of replenishing energy outdoors.   Or you can plan the affair in detail and choose the perfect location.

It can be a lavish fresh air feast, or a simple snack.  The style can be strictly grown-up,  a children's party or a fun family outing.

Outdoor fare can be the most relaxed and enjoyable of meals.  Eaten on a blanket at the beach or on a bench in the park, the food becomes fun because you are 'eating out'.

 Each picnic becomes a special event, to look back on with delight.

Advantages & Benefits of Choosing a Picnic Venue 

retired couple

Escape from the kitchen table and eat al fresco because:

  • getting out into nature is good for your health
  • it's cheaper than a restaurant
  • there are so many lovely locations to choose from
  • instead of just a meal, it becomes a special occasion
  • no problem with space for large numbers
  • if it's a party, no worries about annoying the neighbours
  • it adds excitement
  • it can fan the flames of romance

Most Importantly...Enjoy!

Please keep in touch, bookmark the site or join me on social media to stay up to date on the latest and greatest picnic ideas.   Right now, throw down a virtual blanket and stay a while!  

I want to help you pack up and go!

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