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Welcome to an ongoing collection of al fresco dining occasions, food options, recipes, outdoor games, tips and ideas etc.

I hope it will encourage you to:

  • experience more often the unique sense of freedom that eating al fresco gives you;
  • linger a little longer over your outdoor fare, enjoy the scenery, play a game or two with your children or friends  -  relax and de-stress!
  • participate in this site and swop ideas.

Please use the ideas you find as a springboard for your own - and then share!

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Indoors for Kids

The meal itself

I have to admit that it is very convenient to buy ready-made picnic food these days. It's often SO convenient that we overlook how easy it is to make things ourselves - and usually tastier and cheaper too.

Sure, it is sometimes essential to buy food "on the way" - but with a tiny bit of planning and a well-stocked fridge and kitchen cupboard, you'll find it more fun to prepare your own.

And you can be sure that all the recipes in this site are suitable for carrying and eating outdoors.

Other elements

daddy and daughter on a picnic

Of course the word "picnic" can mean so many different things.

Not simply FOOD, FUN and FRIENDS (although that it often the best description!), it can also involve you in a multitude of different choices:

  • Will you carry the meal in a lightweight backpack, a simple lunch box, an over-flowing hamper, or a mĂ©lange of coolers, bags and baskets?

  • Will your location be a tree-lined meadow with the scent of wild flowers?  A windy sea-shore, manicured lawn, leafy haven in the middle of a city, rocky hillside?  The list is endless.

  • Will it include an exhilarating cross-country ramble with friends? Children scampering after balls on the beach, sandcastles and splashing?  Energetic games, a treasure hunt, or just a quiet snooze on a blanket shared with a loved one?  

Whatever the decision, it is a pleasurable way to spend time - to share tasty food and good company in the great outdoors.

Each can be special

Whatever the occasion, eating outdoors makes the food itself that much more memorable.

It can be a very impromptu affair, a necessary means of replenishing energy outdoors, or you can plan it in a huge variety of ways and choose from an infinite number of suitable locations.

It can be a lavish fresh air feast, or a simple snack. You can dine outside in strictly grown-up style, have great children’s parties or family fun days in the open air.  

Outdoor fare can be turned into the most relaxed and enjoyable of meals, whether eaten on the beach or in a meadow in the summer - or simply from the back of a car in the winter.

With a little bit of planning and a menu to suit the occasion, climate and venue, each one becomes a special event, to look back on with delight.

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And just in case you still need a little convincing to leave the kitchen table, remember these advantages of eating outside:

  • cheaper than a restaurant
  • so many lovely locations to choose from
  • instead of just a meal, it becomes a special occasion
  • no problem with space for large numbers
  • no difficulties with parking
  • you don't have to worry about children being bored
  • if it's a party, no worries about annoying the neighbours!

Please keep in touch:

I do hope you enjoy exploring and participating in the site.

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You can also keep in touch via our Facebook page, or please submit a picture to our Pinterest board.

So no more worries! Please explore this site further and grab yourself some picnic ideas. 

I want to help you pack up and go!


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